Home inspections

No ordinary

Chicagoland Public Adjusters’ home inspection is no ordinary inspection. Our representatives are trained to spot problems that most home and business owners did not even know existed.

from the outside in.


Chicagoland Public Adjusters representative will look at the exterior of the building, looking for potential problems along the roofline and exterior walls.


They will also sit with you and review your current property insurance policy and educate you on the extent and conditions of your coverage.


They will go room to room inside the dwelling inspecting closets, walls, flooring, and cabinetry.

No Charge

While we don’t sell insurance, our representatives will discuss the coverage that exists under your policy. Best of all, there is no charge for this service.

Get a Free Consultation.

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We offer services for your peace of mind.

By assessing your risk, you can address hazards before you even have to make a claim. By better understanding the coverage you already have, you can be better protected when you have to make a claim.

we can make a difference.

Serving as a negotiator between the property owner and the insurance company, we can make the difference between the minimum amount that the insurance company offers and the maximum amount that the property owner is entitled to.

Our Mission

“Chicagoland Public Adjusters helped me through every step of the claims process"

Didn’t ask for anything upfront, and helped me navigate several situations I never would have been able to handle on my own. I hope I never have to make another claim, but if I do I’ll be calling them right after I call the insurance company.”

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